13. How To Increase Your Page Views

Posts about Blogging increase your view count and thus exposure to other bloggers out there. Through my own experiences I have found that the following are useful checkpoints on the way to success:

  • Be Self-Conscious. Write about your blogging experiences, how to be a successful blogger and challenges bloggers face.
  • Use Pingbacks and Comment extensively.
  • Photography can work too.

Here is an example of how to increase your view count, the number of clicks you receive and your referrals.

4 thoughts on “13. How To Increase Your Page Views

  1. What can I say guys, this post is proof that it works :p

    Before today my most successful post bought in 20views on the day it was published, and it was titled “The Blogger’s Manifesto.” It was actually a short story only loosely related to a real manifesto, but still doubled the view rates for any other post I’ve made. I also spent a lot of that day reading and commenting on other blogs which bought yet more views in.

    This one is just a paragraph with a few tips, but it’s netted 50views without me even being on the laptop for most of the day. I know these aren’t massive figures, but it’s interesting nonetheless that what people really want to see =

    – Advice on how to write
    – Advice on how to get people to read what they write
    – Advice on how to make money from what they write

    If you’re after an audience throw in a post every now and again about how to be a successful writer, or how to get published etc. Personally views aren’t solely my aim: I care more about what I write and would rather have a small audience that is interested in what I say than lots who aren’t, but if view counts are you thing then I’d keep this in mind. It’s not even just about view counts either – people do find this stuff interesting.

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