Buenos Días,

I write another blog called the Captious Café where I cover many of the same themes in this one, but it more specifically relates to my (captious) experiences working for cafés over the years. I don’t really do that any more, nor likely will ever again (!), so this one will cover more general topics.

This and my other blog are aimed at people with a good sense of humour. I’d like readers who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, who enjoy thinking about the world they live in (or at the very least let me do some of the heavy lifting myself) and will hopefully find something refreshing in the posts I often take a very long time to make.

Sometimes things I write can look a bit depressing; I get it, but that isn’t what I try to do. I simply want, as I always have done, to show the world as truthfully as I can. The analogy I use is when someone first starts to learn how to draw. Instead of looking at the subject in front of them, most people imagine their own subject in their head and draw that, even though the true one is right there. This is why a person will try to make a portrait but give them banana lips and button eyes, because their brain tells them now the head…and now the eyes… and uses the information stored there to make the image. You need to train yourself to “unsee” everything you think you know about a face, then you can actually see what’s right in front of you.

The world isn’t just bland, dour and a complete mess. It is a mess, and a lot of it isn’t pretty, but it makes that found grain of true sensitivity all the more special when it is completely genuine. My posts, especially the depressing ones, aren’t about people at their lowest, but often people at their most human. That said I’m not great at what I do, but I try hard. I don’t think that many people try as hard as I do, and their writing suffers for it.

I’d say my influences are Chekhov, Christopher (and sometimes even Peter) Hitchens, Ezra Pound and Philip Larkin. I also owe a lot to the Private Eye, and anyone who reads it will see plenty of similarities between their faux interviews and mine. I like to keep my ideas my own when I can, but some of their formats are so funny I just can’t help it.

If you like what you see, then please say :), and if you don’t, then that’s a shame! I’d love it though if you could say why – nothing is more useful.

Muchas Gracias, and hopefully my one loyal subscriber wont mind making the change over here as well 😉


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